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Living in Napa Valley - Exploring the Carneros AVA

by Ted Stumpf 01/16/2024


If you have ever considered living in Napa Valley and wondered if there is anything other than wine to enjoy, this video is for you!

Living in Napa Valley is far more than just wine tasting; in this video we showcase some of what is offered within the Carneros AVA, including luxury estate homes, world-renowned restaurants and resorts, music festivals and more. Living in Napa Valley is truly a dream come true for us and we know it will be for you too!



Below is a transcript of the video.


Ted: Hello and welcome back to the amazing Napa Valley. We're your hosts today on American Dream TV. I'm Ted Stumpf.

Dean: and I'm Dean Castelli and we're here in the Carneros region of Napa Valley at this beautiful estate that happens to be for sale that really epitomizes the wine country living and what a wine country estate can be.

Ted: That includes a modern farmhouse as its main house, artist studio, guest cottage, swimming pool, beautiful formal gardens, an orchard and, of course, acreage of vineyards. So let's take a look at this amazing property that has everything you'll want in wine country living.

We're here on the north end of this amazing property which is comprised of one of the original buildings from the property which is now an artist studio. We have the three acre beautiful Pino Noir vineyard, and we have orchards here.

Dean: It's almost like walking back through time here in the Carneros region. Carneros is actually the Spanish word for rams so a nod to the sheep ranches that used to be in this area.

Ted: And, now with the planting of grapes, it's become an American viticultural area based on its climate that two particular grapes love to thrive in; Pino Noir and Chardonay.

Dean: There's also some fantastic resorts, wonderful restaurants; in fact, right now we're going to hop over to one of our favorites - The Boon Fly Cafe over at the Carneros Resort and Spa. T

Ted: Come join us!

We're here at one of our favorite spots in the Carneros region - The Boon Fly Cafe. It's wonderful roadside diner located at Carneros Resort and Spa known for its comfort food with a kick it's elevated, it's fantastic. The locals flock here for breakfast; there's always a wait, it's always full - it's full now, in the afternoon on a weekday for lunch, so join us when you get a chance. Check it out, see what you think!

We're here with Lissa Gibbs who is a leadership team member with the Festival Napa Valley and she's going to tell us what makes it special.

Lissa: It's about bringing people together through live music and the performing arts, dance, opera, ballet, programs for families with children. It's not stuffy - it's part of what we like about the Napa Valley. It helps that wine goes with that! That always is the great, you know, underlying thing. Yes, wine and music bring people together.

Dean: And it's wonderful that it sounds like people can really enjoy the experience on many levels. It sounds like there's an education component. Can you tell us a little bit more about what that education component entails?

Lissa: So yearround we do Novak concerts for kids, we also do workshops in senior centers. Our programs really are about bringing people together through music. It is arts for all.

Ted: That's fantastic! Yet another thing we love about living and working here in the Napa Valley. Lissa, thanks for talking to us today.

Lissa: Well, thank you for your support!

Ted: Absolutely.

Dean: Thank you for joining us!

Ted: Now we're in the south of this amazing property where all the formal gardens are. The owners have cultivated these from seed twenty years ago. There's an entertaining garden, a rose garden, a ceremony garden and even a zen garden.

Dean: Excellent! Ted what do you say we head back over to Carneros Resort and grab a glass of Bubbles to end the day?

Ted: I think that's fantastic! Come join us!

And, we are here at the Town Square at Carneros Resort and Spa. This area was designed to bring the community together, to give a place for locals and guests alike to have a good time. The Coop is here, a boutique, we have The Market which has local goodies, we have Farm Restaurant and an outdoor pavilion. The newest adventure here is called Post, a tasting room. Let's go try some of that sparkling wine we've been talking about all day.

Love the Carneros region. Thanks for joining us here today. We appreciate you, we appreciate the opportunity to tell you more about the Napa Valley, why we love living here, why we love working here, and why we hope one day you'll get a hold of us and want to move here yourselves! I'm Ted Stumpf,

Dean: and I'm Dean Castelli and we're with the Lesti Team at Windermere Napa Valley Properties on American Dream TV.

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