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Build projects for DIY enthusiasts

by Ted Stumpf 01/21/2024

Some of the best home DIY projects are as useful as they are satisfying to build. Projects requiring power tools might seem intimidating, but they're really just like cooking: once you have all the materials, just follow the recipe! If you’re a home DIY enthusiast, new project ideas can be super beneficial, stretch your DIY skills and provide useful additions to your home.

Polished concrete tabletop

Concrete is an incredibly versatile and affordable alternative to materials like natural stone. To put this concept into practice, consider making a polished concrete table. Using treated lumber, construct a simple base and table legs sturdy enough to hold the weight of concrete.

Measure and build a form for your tabletop, and mix the concrete according to the instructions. Once it's set and cured, you can put the pieces together and have an elegant yet practical table.

Build a shoe storage booster stool

What could be better than hidden storage space built into another useful furnishing? A combination shoe storage and step-stool makes a helpful addition to a mudroom, entryway or closet. Using wood glue and nails, you can make a rectangular box out of your choice of lumber and add smaller compartments, which are perfect for shoe storage.

Tile-top table

A Tuscan-style tile top table offers an excellent combination of traditional woodwork and tiling techniques. You can even upcycle an existing table by adding a custom tile design. Lay your choice of tiles onto the surface using grout and finish it off with simple wood trim molding around the edges.

This particular project can take several days, but your time and effort will be well-rewarded with a beautiful and unique table. Try it with matching tile or a mixture of bold colors for a funky aesthetic.

Build a raised garden bed

Growing fruits, vegetables and other plants outside is much simpler with a raised garden bed. Rather than deal with the ground soil, you can custom-build your ideal planting environment in whatever size or shape you desire.

First, select a location and calculate the size and footprint of your raised bed. If you're using wood for this building project, measure carefully to ensure you cut the correct lengths. If you opt for galvanized metal for your garden, have it professionally cut to size unless you have experience with the right tools.

These are only a few easy DIY home projects to consider. Using basic tools and techniques, you can accomplish these crafting projects and more.

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